Core Competence

As an enthusiastic teacher, I am committed to creating an inspiring atmosphere that encourages the productive learning of requisite music skills. I am especially adept at determining students’ strengths and weaknesses and designing lesson plans accordingly, in this way encouraging each student to reach their full potential. I specialise in developing and implementing flexible programs that meet curriculum standards.

Professional Background and Aspirations

I am a professional musician and music teacher with a high level of experience. My aim is to equip students with the performative and theoretical skills they need to excel, irrespective of their chosen career path. I have experience teaching different ages and levels, from beginners to advanced students.

As a conservatory-level jazz guitar graduate, performer, composer, band leader, and music educator, I am at ease teaching individual to large-size classes as well as managing bands, while maintaining an ability to make musical concepts accessible to students.
I have made some 1200 performances over the last 27 years, covering a variety of genres: jazz, gypsy jazz, fusion, funk, blues, pop, rock, flamenco, and classical guitar. The venues have ranged from the smallest clubs to the big festivals. Against this background, I am passionate about inspiring students to choose music as profession, or then simply to have them appreciate their time in a band for the pleasure it brings. My goal for all my students, is to have them enjoy music and to be able to evaluate it – to see it as an art and not just as another subject in school.
I have recorded two CDs: Crossroads with Big band Krško (Slovenia, 2007) and Scenic Spirit with Metta Legita (Indonesia, 2018).

I am knowledgeable about recent developments in music technology and computer software. I strive to incorporate this knowledge both as a teaching tool and as a resource that can further students’ own careers. The programs I use include: Logic pro, Garage band, Sibelius, Adobe Premiere, and IMovie.

From 02/2018 to 02/2020 I was director of the Simphony School of Music and Art in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.



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