Did your child attend music school for months but is unable to play a song? Is your child not able to read and write music? Is there little sign of progress? Does music education in the primary or high school inspire your kid to pick up an instrument just to play – to join the band or the orchestra? Or is it just another compulsory subject? Are you tired of spending time in traffic to bring your kids to music school?

The Phnom Penh Strings Academy has been founded to address all these challenges. We are ready to bring a highly professional and inspiring music education to your home NOW!



We are an enthusiastic teacher and musician team bringing a creative atmosphere to students’ homes. Our teachers are university-level graduates experienced in determining students’ strengths and weaknesses and plan lesson accordingly. In this way, we encourage each student to reach their full potential. Our modern music curriculum is flexible and meets international certification standards. We design our lessons for all levels and ages.




The development of music didn’t stop in the 18th century. The Phnom Penh Strings Academy offers a modern 1-6 grade curriculum with strong emphasis on mastering an instrument, music theory, ear training, and improvisation. We are a group of experienced teachers, performers, song writers and recording artists.

Students will acquire the technical knowledge and the rhythmic and tonal skills required to perform solo, in chamber ensembles, or in the school orchestra.

Students will be able to form and lead a band, develop skills related to stage presentation and promotion, take responsibility for the sound, and prepare set lists.

They will also learn to use computer programs and phone apps to record and edit their own music and videos.

With a good understanding of music theory and improvisation, students develop their musical imagination and become inspired to compose their own music or write their own songs. We host recitals and concerts for those students who are ready and willing to perform. A student who has completed the 6th grade will be well-prepared to perform professionally or pursue music at the conservatory level.

Music lessons were the best thing your parents ever did for you, according to science! FIND OUT MORE….


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